Thursday, May 8, 2014

A First DE Razor Option

I was surfing the net and stumbled upon the Maggard brand of DE razors.

Although I have not used one, they look to be of reasonable quality and price, with shaving characteristics that might be welcome to a first-time DE shaver.

If I were to pick one up, I would be temped to get the MR3 for about $20, which has a short, fat handle and is described to have a shaving aggressiveness compared to a Gillette Slim Adjustable set on four (out of nine), which is light-moderate.

[UPDATE 9/12/2014: I did purchase one, a Maggard MR3B. As to whether this is an appropriate razor for you, you may want to first read my two-part article, "Picking the Right Razor for You," part one of which was published on 9/10/2014.]

Another option might be the MR6 ($16), which has a longer but thinner handle with the same shaving head.

Interested? You can find out more starting at

Happy shaving!

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