Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home-coming Shave and a Tease for Tomorrow's Article

The Maggard MR3B: used for my first
pass today on my two-day beard.
Returning home from hospital today, I looked the scruffiest that I have in months.  I left yesterday for the emergency department before shaving for the day, and brought no shaving gear with me (and, after surgery, wasn't much in the mood to shave anyway).

With today's two-day growth, I chose the Maggard MR3B as a first-pass razor paired with a second-use Dorco ST-301 blade. The first pass was with grain. Then with things nicely trimmed down, I transferred the Dorco blade to my Merkur 15C open comb and did a second pass followed by some buffing to get a close, hand-pleasing shave.

Though this shave was minimalist in the main, I did use some after-shave balm just to smell nice since, though I'm fairly clean, on doctor's orders I'm not allowed to shower until tomorrow.
The disassembled Merkur 15C open
comb: used today for a face-friendly
second-pass and finishing razor.

Most importantly, while in hospital, I began an article entitled "Picking the Right Razor for You." This may be one of the most useful and comprehensive articles I've produced, and I hope you read it. The plan is to publish it tomorrow, if possible.

Until then, happy shaving!

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