Thursday, April 14, 2016

SuperMax Titanium Blade Combinations with Razors

Merkur 37C slant.
I have found the SuperMax Titanium (SMT) blade to be a reasonable choice for my face and beard. However, as always, that blade-choice question can't be properly answered without considering in what razor will this blade be used.

Rimei RM2003.
My experiences are as follows:

Weishi 9306-F
At the more aggressive end of the scale, I've used the SMT blade in a slant razor, my Merkur 37C. My experience with this razor-blade combination is that if I go for a close shave, I'm likely to get weepers. Even going for a moderately-close shave presents some weeper risk.

Merkur 33C Classic
When I put this in my Rimei RM2003 razor, again, it's just slightly too aggressive when I go for a close or moderately-close shave, and weepers tend to bloom.

Ahhh, the Gillette Tech (c.1948) is just
right for me with the SMT blade.
When I go significantly milder, such as my Merkur 33C Classic, or my mildest razor, the Weishi 9306-F, it doesn't shave quite close enough without a bit too much work, too many strokes, and perhaps a bit too much pressure.

But when I pair this SMT blade with a Gillette Tech, specifically my c.1948 version, like Goldilocks found
mama bear's chair and porridge, it's just right for me.

Happy shaving!

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