Monday, August 8, 2016

Continual Satisfaction Can Be Boring

I confess: I have been a little bored with my shaving. The source of this ennui is the rather quick, no-fuss, high-quality shave that I've been getting day after day.

This daily satisfying shave is the result of a number of simple things. For one, I stopped seeking the perfect shave -- you know, smooth as glass; not a nick, cut or weeper; not even any irritation. I snapped back to reality and realized that that wasn't going to happen on my face. Instead I set my new goal to be getting a really good, consistent shave: as reasonably close as possible while still minimizing insult to my sensitive skin.

The next step after that was to realize that the best razor in my assortment that could best get me to my new goal was my Merkur 33C Classic three-piece razor. I have found that if I just use that every day with whatever relatively-sharp blade I happen to pick, I'll get a darn good shave.


Even my own save soap, which is specially formulated for sensitive skin, and therefore doesn't have any added bouquet, I believe to be very good, but is still a little boring because of its non-fragrance. So on some days to spice things up, I'll add a drop or two of after-shave lotion to my brush -- just to add a little olfactory stimulation. On other days I'll use my Palmolive Classic or Arko sticks, which have their own unique bouquets.


On one day last week, just to change things up, I put my not-yet-used-up blade in my gold-toned Gillette Tech three-piece razor and had a shave with that. It wasn't a bad shave, and it was fun to use a different instrument, but the shave was just a bit harder on my skin than the Merkur would have been. And on this very morning (that is, today), I changed instruments again, this time using my Weishi 9306-F razor: a truly face friendly one-piece, twist-to-open design. Yet again, it wasn't an improvement on the Merkur Classic.


Well, my fling is over. I've had my fun, my walk on the wild side. Tomorrow it's back to the trusty 33, the old reliable.

Sigh. Continual satisfaction can be such a bore.  ;-)

Happy shaving!

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