Thursday, February 23, 2017

Long Learning Curve with the Straight Razor

Tiring of the Straight Experiment

The straight-razor experiment is getting old. I shaved today using a new Shark brand half DE blade for my first pass and nipped myself several times. Maybe I should have corked the blade just to tone it down a bit. After yesterday's shave, today was something of a disappointment to say the least.

I have to admit that I miss the simplicity and bloodless shaves of my favorite DE razors.

The learning curve is much longer and steeper than I thought -- but I guess I really didn't  give it much thought.

I think that for a few days I'm going to give this experiment a rest -- along with  my face. Back to DE shaving tomorrow.

Gently-Used Razors Available

My "garage sale" of razors I no longer need is still going. Check out the available selection here. Email with questions if desired.

Happy shaving!


  1. I was also tempted to try a straight after reading the Sharpologist column. A motto of a blogger I used to read was: "I do these stupid things so you don't have to." Thanks for saving me the pain.

  2. These things tend to exfoliate like mad, then the next shave seems especially terrible, not because of the blade handling, but your skin was just trying to defend itself with dense, hard patches. I've done it with probably every low-angle shaver I've got, and was generally aware that bad consequences could carry over to the next shave. But when I recently did it with the Rimei, I finally appreciated in full just how vital that "dead skin" is.