Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Triumphant Return to my Adjustable Variant DE

After using my barber razors for several shaves, yesterday I returned to my Parker Variant adjustable double-edge (DE) razor, with an eye to getting not only an optimally close, comfortable shave, but also one in which I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

I used all the tricks at my disposal. For my shave prep I did the following:

  • Pre-shave wash with Noxzema cream
  • Hot-water splashes and rubs on the beard
  • Hot-water wash cloth on beard for approx 30 seconds
  • Rubbed in shave oil (actually common, edible kitchen oil)
  • Dry menthol shave soap puck rubbed directly over the oil and face lathered with warm water in the brush
Then during the shave, I set my Variant to a setting of 2 and used the following shaving techniques:
  • A single lathering
  • Slow buffing strokes throughout the shave
  • My buffing strokes were all in an anti-raking pattern to preserve lather on my face rather than removing it prematurely
  • First strokes cross grain on cheeks, then against grain
  • First strokes cross grain on upper lip, then with grain
  • First strokes nearly against grain under chin, then directly against grain
  • First strokes nearly against grain on lower neck, then directly against grain
  • Final clean-up strokes done with added water
After the shave I used a cold wash cloth pressed against my just-shaved face and neck to sooth and remove residual shaving lather.

I had a pin-point weeper, so I gently rubbed on some witch hazel scented with peppermint oil.

The shave was close and comfortable -- baby smooth on my cheeks.

The beauty of the pre-shave oil is that just the slightest trace remains after the shave. Most was removed by the shave itself, and the witch-hazel rub doesn't remove much if any. This slightest residue of shave oil is very pleasing on the skin and eliminates any real need for after-shave balm. The only reason I put on balm was for some fragrance as I began my day.

In all this was a terrific shave. I hope yours was as good.

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Happy shaving!

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