Wednesday, July 5, 2017

So Many Samples, So Little Time

The fallout from the Maggard Meet in May (2017) continues as I enjoy the products and samples that I've received as a consequence of my attendance.

Lately, of course, my attention has been drawn to the fine products from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements (PAA).* (In fact, I was so impressed with their range and quality of offerings that they are now an affiliate vendor to Shave Like Grandad.) I have some updates on a couple of their products.

The Black Bot Aftershave Balm continues to be one that I both purchased and use regularly. I really like the fragrance and the moisturizing qualities of this product. However, I've become aware of a regular reaction from this and some other moisturizing products (from other manufacturers/vendors) that I have applied after my shaves. It's likely just me and my particular skin chemistry, but with these types of products, when used after my shaves, cause the areas receiving the moisturizer to temporarily (for a minute or two) flush reddish and produce a mild "warm-sting"* sensation that is different from the sting that one might get from applying a dilute alcohol treatment or a mentholated product. *[UPDATE: I originally described the warm-sting sensation as "hot burn." After my morning shave, I decided this was an overstatement, and I didn't want to mislead.]

Thinking that I might have an unusual sensitivity to glycerin, I did a little half-baked experiment in which I washed and dried my face with hand soap, and then applied pure glycerin to an area of my cheek. Although I did get a mild sensation (which could be only in my imagination), there was not the temporary flush or mild "warm-sting" that I get from some other applications. So I would tend to rule out glycerin as the culprit ingredient.

I've sought expert input on this issue and will report out any findings. In the meantime, I found a related product via a product sample that I really like. Not surprisingly, it's another Black Bot product from PAA.

Black Bot After-shave Jelly (mentholated) from PAA

Having the same fragrance as its sibling balm, this jelly has an added menthol ingredient. I have used this for a couple of shaves, and went to order a bottle. I couldn't find it on the PAA web site, and have inquired about its availability. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to order some.

This product provides the additional temporary coolness of mentholation and doesn't give me the temporary and mild "warm sting" of some other balms or moisturizers. [UPDATE: It gives the familiar cool sting common to mentholated products.]

I'll report out on what I learn about its availability as well. [UPDATE: Looks like this Black Bot Aftershave Jelly will be available in the fall of 2017.]

That's it for today. I'm going to have a shave now.

Happy shaving!

*affiliate organization

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