Tuesday, September 12, 2017

No-Brainer Razor and Ming Shi Vs. Derby Extra

The L.6 Razor Head

I've continued to use the Lord L.6 razor head paired with a slightly-heavier, classic-length handle from my Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements' (PAA) double-open-comb razor because it's a near-ideal shaving option for me in a non-adjustable razor. It's mama-bear right, not too baby-bear mild nor too papa-bear aggressive. I get easy, close shaves with not much fuss.

The Ming Shi vs. Derby Extra Blades

After putting about a half-dozen shaves on each blade (followed by careful drying and palm stropping), I've found that the Ming Shi blade has seasoned quite nicely. So far it has settled into providing good, non-irritating shaves.

The Derby Extra blade, though giving shaves just as close without tugging, is still a bit irritating on my skin. This will not keep me from using the blades, but of the two, it's surprising to me that I actually prefer the Ming Shi blade!

I should also mention that the most recent shaves with these blades have been in the afore-mentioned L.6 razor head with the PAA handle. So I am getting a head-to-head comparison, so to speak. ;-)


Happy shaving!

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