Sunday, October 5, 2014

Left-Field Ideas: Noxzema Cream for Shave Prep

Still in search of the consistently-perfect shave, I stumbled upon a shave-prep idea that's been out there for a long time: using what is normally a ladies' face cleaner, Noxzema cleansing cream, instead of a pre-shave oil, or as a substitute for shaving soap entirely.

As a pre-shave-oil substitute, one would apply with wet hands a thin layer of the cream to a wet beard prior to applying lather for each pass.

As a shave-soap substitute, one would simply apply the same thin layer of cream to a wet beard, but skip any additional lather entirely, and then with razor in hand, take the shave. Obviously one would re-apply the cream prior to each pass.

The blade I'm testing this week is the Bluebird uber-coated blade, which claims
it's "chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten and polymer coated." (sic) 

Impressions will be published in my weekly shave review on Saturday.
I purchased a jar of Noxzema yesterday, and that is what is shown in the photo. I will be trying this method soon and reporting out my results. I am not doing this right away because I'm testing a blade that is completely new to me, Bluebird, and, so I can make a fair comparison, I don't want to change my shave prep.

Perhaps next week I'll use a familiar blade and give Noxema cream some test shaves both as a pre-shave-oil substitute and as a shave butter.  More to come; stay tuned.

Happy shaving!

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