Monday, October 6, 2014

The 30-Day Recommendation and References

I was lurking in several shave forums the other day looking for information on some blades I was thinking of trying. In doing this, I rekindled my interest in the old argument for new double-edge (DE) shavers of trying lots of varied gear right away versus getting a razor and blade that are reasonably right for one's beard and shaving with those for at least 30 days without trying new razor or blade. I call this the 30-day recommendation, and actually, I think 30 days may be a bit too brief.
Bruce, don't be confused about finding the right shaving gear. Read my articles
below, make better first choices, and shave for at least 30 days (or more)
to develop skill.

However, a while ago, I wrote an article on that very subject. I was making the case that one must have a solid base of experience before beneficially-accurate evaluations can be done on razors, blades, and shave prep.

Further, there isn't any need to experiment with gear to get close to the right razor and blade. I have written about this in several articles on choosing the right razors and blades. As long as you know the general characteristics of your skin: sensitive, tough, loose, plump, round, angles, depressions, and so on, as well as your beard type: tough, wiry, thin, wispy, etc., you can choose close to the right razor and get a blade that's in the ball park so you can shave for that minimum 30 days and develop the touch and technique to be able to fine tune your shaving-product selections.

The following are some reference articles that you might review to make better razor and blade selections right out of the gate:

Happy shaving!

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