Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's In the Cabinet: My Current Active Razor Roster

The two razors that were in my bathroom cabinet, about which I wrote in late September, have once again grown.... to five. (They're like rabbits: you leave them alone in the dark for a while and they just multiply.  :-)
Clockwise from top: Weishi 9306-F, Lord LP1822L head on the MR3B handle,
Gillette Slim Adjustable, Merkur 33C, and Merkur 15C.

But here's the current line up, along with the reasons for keeping them handy at the present time:

Merkur 33C:

This razor remains my primary go-to option. It is a mild straight-bar razor that doesn't abuse my skin, but is still a capable instrument that can shave as closely as I need in three passes. According to my whim, I will use this razor as it came from the factory or, on occasion, will use my handsome, heavy Maggard MR3B handle.

Merkur 15C:

Typically I will keep an old blade in this razor and, because of its unlimited shaving capacity but mild shaving character, will use this to trim the hair line and other clean up along the back of my neck when needed. I also will occasionally put my current-shaving blade in this razor for my daily shave.

Lord LP1822L:

Though this razor has been recently designated as my travel razor and will use it as such with its factory-supplied handle, I have also given it new life as a daily shaver using either one of the Merkur classic-sized handles or the Maggard MR3B handle. Originally thinking this razor-head design was a Merkur knock off, I didn't notice its slightly unique shaving characteristics. But closer study of the Lord razor head has shown that though similar in shaving character to the Merkur, it is just slightly more aggressive in nature. I use it on those days when I want the closest of shaves without much more risk of irritation or blood shed.

Gillette Slim Adjustable:

This razor was rescued from my shave-storage box in my closet, and, ultimately, from the auctioneer's block. I was ready to sell this razor, which was purchased by my father in about 1963, because I thought it too harsh for my sensitive skin. Subsequent detailed study of its razor-head design persuaded me to give it another chance, but this time on its mildest-shaving setting. Much to my delight, it's still a family heirloom but also now a keeper as I've found a setting that works well with my beard and skin. It's possible that this may become my new go-to razor, but further testing is required.

Weishi 9306-F:

This Chinese-made knock off of a Gillette Super Speed razor, like the Gillette Slim, was rescued from the auction block due to circumstances similar to those that saved the Gillette Slim. Instead of keeping this in my bathroom cabinet long term, I have given it another test shave, and soon will sanitize it and circulate it to friends along with a small assortment of blades so they can give DE shaving a try.

Happy shaving!

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