Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some New-Year Resolutions

Here are some of my thoughts about things I would like to do or change in this new year:

Diet, Artery Disease, and Cancer:

As a university-and-hospital-trained registered dietitian and nutritionist, this is a year of continuing a recently-new dietary plan for me personally. Since it appears that heart and artery disease has its root cause in our typical western diet, in this new year I will continue the eating lifestyle that I began in the fall; I will continue to be eating only plant-based, whole foods, with no added fats. (The phrase whole foods implies minimal processing of food ingredients; for example: whole fruit instead of fruit juice, and whole-grain flour instead of refined flour.)

As it turns out, animal-based foods have types of protein that seem to clearly correlate with higher risks for certain cancers including prostate and breast. Further, animal-based foods are higher in dietary lipids (fats), which first lead to damage of the cells that line our arteries, which then leads to the build up of arteriole plaques, then blockages, then cardiac events, strokes, and other serious disease.

But just being a vegan isn't enough. Dietary fat reduction is an important part of the plan. To avoid CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) surgery or related procedures to treat artery disease (merely treat, not cure!), humans seem to do better adding no fats to their food; that is, dietary fat is best limited to that which naturally occurs in natural foods. No added butter, no cooking oils, no frying, no foods made with added oil such as common whole-wheat breads. This also means avoiding naturally high-fat plant-based foods -- even those commonly thought of as healthy -- such as avacados and most nuts.

If you are skeptical about this dietary plan, I encourage you to read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. Also check out the movie, Forks Over Knives.


I will shave every day, and encourage others, especially older gents with graying beards, to do the same. It is my own personal beautify-the-world campaign.

I will also not buy another razor this year unless something breaks on one of my key razors. I have two inexpensive Chinese razors on their way -- purchased late in December -- and that's it. No more.

I will relax in my obsession for the perfect shave, and shave to fit the occasion. Some days just don't have to be as closely trimmed as others; but every day calls for a whisker removal of some sort.

I will complete the testing and reformulation of my personal shaving soap (Grandad's) and will offer it to others.

Other Important Life Stuff:

This year I will react less to others' emotional states. If someone is angry, I will hear them out, but I will remain calm and centered. If someone is hurt, I will respond to them but without being overly consumed by the drama.

This is the year for a career move, and I'll be working on that starting today.

Since tennis is important to me, I'll include a trio of tennis and fitness resolutions:

I will learn to be comfortable with the uncertainty of competition, and will better control my playing tactics to increase chances for victories.

I will work on footwork drills this off season to be better for tournament play this summer.

I will have more fun playing the game, and though I will continue to approach it seriously, I will take match outcomes less seriously.

That said, do you make new-year resolutions? Want to share any?

Happy shaving!

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