Monday, January 5, 2015

Post-Holiday Thoughts

The holidays are definitely over. Our annual Christmas tree -- our primary nod to the holiday season -- is stripped of its decorations and sitting in the back yard awaiting its trip to the curb on Thursday. The high-school student in the family returns to classes this morning. Our university student begins the winter semester on Wednesday, and she's going back to her apartment this afternoon. I return to teach my university class in nutrition and health a week from Friday, so I have another week's reprieve before I re-enter the semester marathon.

My wife keeps suggesting that I write an article on shaving her legs. You see, I was trying to get her to give up her disposable multi-bladed gizmo and shaving cream in a can, so I got her to sit quietly while I shaved her legs with real shaving soap and a DE razor. I was hoping I would get her hooked on the experience, and I did; but the experience she got hooked on was me shaving her legs. She stubbornly refuses to use a DE herself, and I stubbornly refuse to become her new shaving attendant.

I have changed my available razors in my bathroom cabinet once again. This is both in preparation for the arrival of my final two razors as well as acknowledging the reality of my shifting shaving preferences. Both of my previous Chinese-razor arrivals, the trash-or-treasure and holy-grail razors, have been stored in my closet shoe box. I just don't need them. I current have three razors left in the bathroom cabinet: my trusty Merkur 33 Classic, a Lord L.6 razor head on the robust Maggard MR3B handle, and my stock Merkur 15C open comb. The 33 is my normal shaving instrument, the L.6 is for slightly more mild blades that can benefit from the ever-so-slightly-more-aggressive character of the Lord razor head. The open comb is used these days as a tool to shave the back of my neck and trim my hair line as needed in between hair cuts. I keep a used blade in the 15C so that it's ready to go when ever I decide the back of my neck needs some attention.

Do you ever get a great idea, not write it down, and then lose the thought? The other day I had a couple of ideas for great blog articles, while I was involved in an unrelated activity. Didn't write 'em down, and lost 'em -- I hope not forever. Anyway, while I'm puzzling over what those ideas were, I'm going to go grab my morning shave and get on with the day.

Happy shaving!

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