Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Update to My Shave-Rating System

In my weekly shave summaries, after using for several weeks my three-part rating system for shave quality, I've realized that a minor adjustment is appropriate.

To this point I've been evaluating shave quality on three equally-weighted aspects: closeness, wounds, and non-wound skin irritation. Yet even though I value a close shave very highly, and my skin is easily wounded or irritated, my rating system to date actually emphasizes irritation and wounds, together, more heavily than shave closeness.

So going forward, the same criteria will be used, but for the final shave number, the rating for closeness will be doubled, and the total shave-rating average will be a sum of the four individual ratings (that is, closeness times two, irritation, and wounds) divided by four.

This will at least equally weight closeness and irritation/wounds, to give a more balanced evaluation of shave quality.

Happy shaving!

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