Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back on the Horse

After Monday's lousy shave due to my silly carelessness, and yesterday's mediocre shave with the slant, I decided to return to the scene of the crime with my Lord L.6 razor head and Personna red-label blade in combination with the Merkur Classic handle.

WOW! Without a lot of fussing, I got a terrific shave.

For details on the shave, look for this Saturday's weekly shave review article.

In the meantime, I must admit that the differences between the Merkur Classic (33C) and the Lord L.6 razor head (which comes as part of the LP1822L razor) are becoming much more clear. When I take my time and with due care, I get a perceptibly closer shave with the L.6 without any difference in irritation. As I've written before, this is due to the larger blade-bar span of the L.6 -- with the other significant design aspects being about the same when comparing the 33C to the L.6 razor heads.

Though I admit my preferences have been fickle, I'm currently tempted to say that the L.6 razor head is winning me over and slowly but clearly becoming my preferred instrument for the near-ideal compromise between a close and safe shave.

I hope your shave this morning was top drawer like mine.

Happy shaving!

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