Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lord L.6 Razor Head

After coming out and stating once again that the Merkur Classic (33C) razor is my current fave, it may not, however, be my BFF.

The Lord L.6 razor head on the Merkur Classic handle. The L.6 comes as part of the Lord LP1822L razor.

This morning's shave with the Lord L.6 razor head (which comes with the Lord LP1822L razor) was a head turner.

When paired with the right blade and good technique, on my face the L.6 has just that extra bit of blade-bar span that allows a slightly closer shave. Yep, there's more risk for the sensitive of skin, but the shave can be perceptibly closer.

Had a great shave this morning, and the L.6 razor head from the folk at Lord is appropriately getting deserved attention in my awareness.

Happy shaving!

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