Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travel-Shaving Gear, Part Two

Yesterday, I decided that my travel razor will be the Wilkinson Sword Classic (additional photos and review here). I chose it because, primarily, it is very mild shaving, meaning very low risk of irritation, nicks or cuts, which means not a lot of post-shave products to be packed. A secondary benefit is that although the razor shaves very well, it is pretty inexpensive, and if it is lost in transit, the out-of-pocket replacement expense is minimal.
The Wilkinson Sword Classic razor (above) is a two-piece
design that, for the quality of the razor and the shave it
delivers, is remarkably inexpensive. (Available from Europe
only.) Don't be put off by the black plastic materials; this
razor is a keeper as a traveler, a beginner's razor, a finishing
razor for final buff ups, or just every-day shaving.

The second question to be answered from yesterday was regarding choice of shave soap or cream.

After giving this some thought, I decided to bring my tube of the Old Woodward Shave Co. brand of shave butter (additional photos and review here). My reasoning is that the Old Woodward shave butter gives a smooth, confidence-inspiring shave and has the following additional benefits for the traveler:
The Old Woodward brand family of products. The tube of shave
butter comes in both regular size (as shown) and also a travel size
(not shown). The bottle on the left is a pre-shave oil.
The tin-jar packaging on the right is no longer available.
  • Available in regular- or travel-sized tubes for easy packing and storage on the go
  • Applied with the fingers, so I don't have to pack a shaving brush
  • Has an oil component, which is definitely not drying on the skin and leaves a slightly moisturizing residue if one merely rinses after the shave
Therefore, because of my choice of razor and the Old Woodward shave butter, I can skip styptic pencil, alum block, and even any post-shave oils, balms, lotions, etc.

So with a couple of good decisions regarding razor and shave-prep choices, I've also answered the third question about additional pre- and post-shave products to be packed; and the answer is none.

Happy shaving -- even when traveling!  

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