Friday, January 8, 2016

Bic Travel Razors?

My current project is revisiting some of the disposable razors of my pre-DE days. The purpose of this is not to switch back to less-ecologically-responsible disposable razor habit, but rather to explore travel-razor options when it isn't practical to pack DE blades such as when traveling by airplane and only carrying on luggage.

Recently I wrote a piece on the Gillette CustomPlus Pivot razor, which is a two-bladed, pivoting, disposable razor with a lubricating strip.

My razor this morning was the single-bladed, non-pivoting Bic Sensitive, which I have long used back in the old days.

Yesterday's razor was another Bic, but this one was a first for me; it was a triple-bladed, non-pivoting Bic Comfort 3.

What is interesting to me is that these fixed-head Bics both shave remarkably similar to my DE razors. I don't get a great shave in a single pass but, just like my DEs, I can get a good shave in two or more passes. (Though, actually, I use my regional uni-shave process, rather than several discreet passes.)

The Gillette CustomPlus Pivot is, in my opinion, a good travel razor because I can get a good, close shave just using my regional uni-shave process along with hand or bath soap and water as a shave lubricant.

As far as the Bic razors go, I used to regularly shave with the Bic Sensitive and just bath soap and water, but in those days I was only taking a standard shave; that is, one pass with the grain. So  I know that's readily done. In the days ahead I'll be going for a closer shave with the Sensitive and bath soap.

Likewise, I will be testing the Comfort 3. As I suggested the other day, a triple-bladed razor is new to me, and my sole shave with this three-bladed monster was with my own Grandad's shave soap. I've yet to give a triple-bladed disposable a go with just generic bath soap and water.

If I had to choose today, I know the Gillette CustomPlus Pivot would be a fine carry-on razor. Soon I'll report out on the Bics.

Happy shaving!

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