Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Matching Blades to Razors: A Different Approach

I have a fairly large inventory of blades on hand. That inventory is far from limited to a single type or brand of blade.

As I've routinely rotated through the different blades in my current cache, for quite a long time now I've noticed a significant variation in shave outcome when using different blades in the same razor.

Yet it's interesting to note that I've had a hard time sorting out exactly which blades in which razors perform optimally for me. The way I've tried to sort that out to this point is to slowly rotate through my brands/models of blades as though they were offered on a carousel. That is, I'd use a given blade until it's useful life was over, then I'd move on to the next brand/model of blade. During the use of a given blade, I'd use razors according to whim, intuition, plan, skin condition or whatever, and try to make note of what works better, what works worse.

This hasn't worked out particularly well. Sure, I have some general ideas about matching blades and razors to the day's condition of my skin, but it's all still rather vague, inchoate -- and as a result, sub optimal.

So starting with my current blade, which is the sharp Personna Super (the so-called lab-blue) blade, when this one particular one is used up, I will NOT switch to a different brand/model of blade. Instead I will choose another of the same lab-blue blades. I will continue to shave with this blade until I fully understand the nuances of combining it with various razors under various conditions.

Then and only then will I switch to a different blade, and repeat the process.

Have you done it differently? How's it working for you?

Happy shaving!

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  1. ​I stick with the same razor through the process because each razor is different. By learning how to use the razor well, I know that any difference in the shave is the blade and not bad technique. Once I finish working through all my blades, I chose a new razor and begin again.

    ​I made a spreadsheet. I used the blades 3 times each. Rated it #1, #2, or made a comment like too many cuts or rough. If the blade is not rated #1 or #2, I am not using it again in that razor.