Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Favorite Shaving Soaps

I regularly use three shave-soap sticks. I have tried other creams from cans, jars, and tubes, but I return to my three regulars for the following reasons:

  • No overpowering, flowery, or feminine scents
  • Effective face-protection qualities
  • Economical, not stupidly expensive
These days my favorite shave soap is the humble Palmolive shave-soap stick. Purchased via the Internet from Europe, it is economical, although it does cost more than my other commercial shave soap. I find it's functional qualities more than adequate, but I value it for its scent, which is masculine and mellow.


My other two shave soaps are also functionally very good. The other commercial soap is Arko. Yes, Arko. I know, I know, I said the scent is not overpowering, and many find Arko to be down right offensive with its bouquet. And it's smell is very strong when it's right out of the wrapper. However, if one removes and discards the wrapper and lets Arko sit in the open air for a couple of weeks and longer, its bouquet attenuates becoming merely clean-smelling and pleasant.

Arko is a great value, and I like it a lot -- though I love the smell of Palmolive.

My third soap is that of my own making. Unscented, it actually has the slight smell of plain soap. Formulated for sensitive and reactive skin, it has no unnecessary ingredients.

Happy lathering!

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