Saturday, May 6, 2017

Maggard Razors Annual Wet-Shave Meet

Maggard Razors Annual Wet-Shave Meet

Maggard Razors of Adrian, MI is holding their annual wet-shave meet next Saturday, May 13, 2017. The event is from noon-6 PM, and will have vendors and some recognizable national notables in the world of wet shaving.

I will be attending and visiting Maggard Razors in person for the first time, although I have been an on-line customer for some time.

For more information and to get your ticket, you can go to the following web page:

Maybe I can see you there!

Happy shaving and mingling!

Razor Garage Sale Continues!!!

I'm continuing to reduce my inventory of razors, seeking a win-win solution. I win because I simplify my shaving gear, and you win because you get a good razor at a reduced cost.

Many have already taken advantage of the offerings. Don't wait or you may miss a good bargain.
Keep in mind that there is about $4 of packaging and mailing costs embedded in the prices of my DE garage-sale razors (the straight is a little less expensive to mail because it's flatter), and there really isn't a lemon in the bunch.


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    1. Great! You'll know me because I'll be the clean-shaven one. Oh, wait... ;-)