Thursday, June 22, 2017

Update On Sanitizing Used Razors

I have previously posted an article on cleaning and sanitizing used razors. Although the methods I advocated are perfectly correct, I no longer suggest using sterilizing solutions of things like Lysol due to their risk to human health if improperly handled.

I also warn, today, against using sanitizing agents like Barbicide or alcohol. Barbicide, like alcohol as explained below, may not be effective, and, additionally, Barbacide may pose a risk to the razor itself depending on the metals of which it is comprised. That aside, sanitizing agents like alcohol will deactivate bacteria and viruses, but that doesn't completely solve the problem.

Some bacteria, when confronted with a non-supportive environment, will form spores. These spores are remarkably tough, and are not deactivated by sanitizing agents such as alcohol. When the spores are in a more supportive environment, the active bacteria re-form and go about their business.

The univeral solution to dealing with potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, etc. on razors is not to deactivate them, but rather to remove them.

This is best done by using a releasing agent (soap), mechanical friction, and running water. That is, wash and scrub the instrument with soap (such as dish soap) and water, an old toothbrush, and then when well lathered and well scrubbed, rinse the soap (and the germs with it) down the drain.

Happy sanitizing!

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