Sunday, July 30, 2017

SOTD: Best Straight-Razor Shave to Date!

As the headline suggests, today I got my best straight-razor shave in memory. It was a two-pass shave that was close and low insult. That doesn't mean perfect, however. I did have about five pin-point weepers that disappeared with the application of alum (not styptic).

Here are the details of today's shave:

  • Face prep: 
    • Splash and light rub with cool tap water
    • Application of Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements' (PAA) Scentsless pre-shave soap, which was then lathered with wet hands
    • Application of vitamin E skin oil directly over the Scentsless lather; (then I set out the remaining accessories for the shave, towels, TP [on which to wipe used lather from the razor], shave soap and brush)
    • Application (by rubbing) of shave-soap puck rubbed directly on pre-lathered, oiled beard
    • Face lathering with cool tap water using my Omega Syntex brush
  • The shave:
    • First shaving pass in the downward direction irrespective of beard grain
    • Second pass sideways (ear to nose or nose to ear) on cheeks, lower lip and chin; downward on upper lip and lower neck; upward on upper neck and below jawline
  • Post shave:
A really rewarding shave! Hope yours was as good.

Happy shaving!

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