Friday, August 4, 2017

On Grooming: A Great Natural Soap that Doubles as Shampoo!

A while back I wrote an article that included mention of the Sudsy Soapery, a soap-making company in Belleville, Illinois. From them I received a full-size trial bar of their lavender & peppermint (with oatmeal) soap. I tried it, liked it, and briefly wrote about it.

Well, I put my money where my mouth is and ordered a couple of new bars. I did this despite having a large inventory of normal bath soap on hand, which was purchased in bulk from one of the warehouse/bulk-sale stores.

I ordered this premium Sudsy Soapery soap because, despite our hard water here in Metro Detroit, it lathers luxuriously. It also smells good. Most importantly, it makes for great shampoo that doesn't dry one's hair and scalp, thus eliminating the need for conditioner.

Because of my nearly-daily summer tennis habit, I pretty much shower at least once per day, and this includes washing my sweat-soaked hair. In the past on the advice of a doctor, who advocated using soap for hair washing, I tried using common department-store/grocery-store bath soap. I found that it didn't seem to get my hair clean, leaving what seemed like a waxy coating. However, using the "natural" soap from the Sudsy Soapery (instead of the detergent soap from mainstream manufacturers), I find that I get excellent results -- clean hair that is manageable and not dried out -- even washing it twice in a single day.

So I'll continue to use my large inventory of common bath soap as part of my showering routine (after all, I have a number of bars that have to be used up), but even while they're still being used, my hair will get the Sudsy Soapery treatment. After that, maybe I'll exclusively use "natural" soap.

Also, along with my order of a couple of lavender & peppermint soap, they included (as a trial, I assume) a full-sized bar of grapefruit and sandalwood soap, which I tried and enjoyed during my post-tennis shower yesterday. I used this on both skin and hair, with results similar to the lavender & peppermint soap.

So I can recommend an alternative to harsh hair shampoo and requisite post-shampoo conditioner: try some natural soap from the Sudsy Soapery*.

*I do not receive any compensation from Sudsy Soapery (unfortunately) for sales or recommendation of their products. I'm merely passing along what I hope might be useful and helpful information.

Happy shaving (and bathing)!

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