Monday, July 21, 2014

A Time-Efficient Shave

Again today I put another shave on my first Derby Extra blade (this is the fourth shave, I believe), this time again using the 37C slant razor. With this combination, I used my shave soap #6, which has looked very promising in early trials.
The main components for today's shave: my propietary shave soap #6 and the awesome Merkur 37C slant equipped with a previously-used Derby Extra blade.

This morning's experience didn't disappoint. I chose to do a two-pass shave due to the used blade, which I suspect has lost much of its protective coating off the edges. The #6 soap formulation was creamy and soothing, which I applied following a cool-water splash for both passes.

As I have written earlier, I no longer make a foamy lather, having found that a moist, creamy lather brushes on flatter -- making the lather optimally protective -- giving me a better shave.

No after-shave treatment was necessary except for the usual alum-block rub then rinsed off with more cool water.

Today's shave was close, though not baby-bottom smooth like yesterday's three passes, but very comfortable and efficient from a time-use perspective.

Happy shaving!

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