Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Introducing a Teenager to Shaving

I am about to introduce a teenager in my household to shaving.

I have given some thought to the best way to do this because I know that we humans (some more than others) can react in unexpected ways to guidance, suggestion, and instruction.
Wilkinson Sword Classic two-piece razor. A good first
DE razor for a teenager.

I aim to have a light touch: making suggestions and giving options. Not only am I going to offer just one of my several DE razors (only one so as to avoid potential start of acquisition disease), I am also going to offer a pivoting, two-blade disposable. We will discuss both canned foams and gels as well as the more traditional brush and puck -- especially this since I have developed my own formulation of unscented shaving soap for sensitive skin. Of course, I will give the main reasons for using a DE razor instead of multi-blade cartridges and shaving soap instead of canned shave lubricants, and these are as follows:

  • Much less expensive (unless one develops an acquisition disease, but I won't mention that aspect)
  • More ecologically friendly: less landfill waste
I will also mention the choice of viewing the shaving process -- irrespective of tools used -- as a celebratory ritual rather than a chore; and, of course, shaving with the type of razor that Grandad and Great Grandad used always provides an interesting ancestral link in the ritual.

I think for DE razor options, I will encourage starting with the Wilkinson Sword Classic. It is inexpensive, tough, forgiving but capable of giving a good shave, and has the blade ends covered -- giving a newbie shaver one less thing to think about. 
Lots of options from which I can select to suggest a first
blade. I don't want him to start pondering hardware options
and thereby plant the seeds of acquisition disease.

Blade options are undecided. I have a large inventory of the Lord Platinum blades, which are OK for me, but not close to my favorite. They might be ideal for a newbie with a light beard to use and learn the basic skills of the process. I also have an inventory of five- and ten-blade packs of various brands, some of which I've yet to try; so this situation may encourage me to break out some blades that are new to me for trial and evaluation.

Shaving brush will likely be the Van Der Hagen boar; I have written about this several times, and, though it is inexpensive, with use the bristles soften, and its thick knot becomes a comfortable, effective tool as part of the ritual.

Regarding shaving soap, I will likely start him out with a sample puck of my rich, slick, and creamy custom formulation. I don't know if his skin is sensitive, but I do know that he sometimes dislikes certain sensory stimulation, so an unscented formulation is likely to be more acceptable. Besides, why not introduce him to a top-drawer shaving soap?

If you have any alternative thoughts on getting a teen started shaving, I'd be happy to hear them via comments or email.

Happy shaving!

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