Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frankenrazor is Less Harsh than Gillette Adjustable

Following up on yesterday's shave, I used one of my preferred razors, the Frankenrazor, made of the Merkur 33C head and a heavy Chinese handle. Into this razor, I put the Lord Platinum Class blade from yesterday's shave.

The 33C head is a less-aggressive-shaving design, and as a result, I took a full 1-1/2-pass shave (contrasted against the minimalist one-pass shaves with which I've been recently experimenting); that is, I re-lathered under my jaw line, but also took many strokes in my single lather elsewhere. I could get away with the many-strokes-single-lather process owing to the residual slickness of shave soap #10A, which performs well even after initial strokes just by adding a bit of water with the hand to the face.

Though the shave result today with Frankenrazor wasn't quite as close as yesterday's with the Gillette adjustable, it was less harsh, leaving my face noticeably less riled. Therefore, the past two day's results tend to support my on-going hypothesis that butterfly (TTO) razors are generally harsher shaving than unscrew-to-open (two- and three-piece) razors due to inherent characteristics of blade angle and perhaps blade vibration as well.

Tomorrow, still using Frankenrazor, I will see if a USA-made Personna Blue blade fresh out of the wrapper will give a a closer yet equally comfortable shave compared to the Lord brand of today's shave.

Stay tuned: same time, same channel. (For you younger readers, the previous sentence was intended to be a humorous reference to the way some television shows from the 1950s and 1960s encouraged continuing viewership.)

Happy shaving!

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