Monday, August 4, 2014

Lord LP1822L Redux

Just for fun, I pulled out my three-piece Lord razor, model LP1822L -- formerly known as the model L6. I reviewed it months ago (click here to read the original review).

The Lord LP1822L (formerly L6). The handle, though generously long, seems bigger here due to camera-lens distortion.

I still think it shaves very much like the Merkur 33C Classic razor, though it is slightly more aggressive in character. I noticed the relative lightness of the razor as compared to my daily rotation of the afore-mentioned 33C and the Merkur 37C slant. However, this lower mass did not hamper my shave in any noticeable way.
The Lord razor juxtaposed with the Merkur 33C Classic. Both razors give a similar shave, but the Lord model is a bit more aggressive, has a significantly longer handle, and is a little lighter (because of the aluminum handle). The finish on the Merkur is better to the eye, but the Lord is about half the price.

I put in a new Dorco ST-301 blade, which I think is a good blade for the price; it's sharp, coated for better comfort, and seems reasonably durable -- so I would label it a good value, and would be comfortable recommending this blade for DE newbies as a learner blade. Once the newbie has at least three or four months of shaves with this initial blade in a good razor (I tend to recommend two- or three-piece razors such as this Lord, the Merkur 33C or 34C, or the Wilkinson Sword Classic because I think these are slightly less harsh than comparable butterfly-door razors), then it would be appropriate to sample some other blades.

The Dorco blade got hung up in the razor top cap, which hasn't happened before during disassembly. So it took just a bit of fussing to unhang the blade center from the top-cap-post threads while doing post-shave clean up.

I have to admit that I was very cavalier with today's shave, making 3-1/2 quick passes. I got a good, close shave but, due to my carelessness, had a couple of weepers under my chin.

I continued to use my shave soap formula #10 doctored with a moisturizer in the lathering bowl. The resulting post-shave irritation was more than yesterday, but not at all serious. The post-shave irritation was probably owing to the quick, rather careless shave with the new blade. I did use a touch of styptic under my chin, then the usual alum rub, and splashes of water. Still no after-shave balms necessary.

I especially would suggest this Lord razor for the ladies because the long handle would likely be helpful when shaving the lower limbs.

That's it for today. Happy shaving!

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