Monday, December 15, 2014

Beautify the World: Promote Shaving

Every where I look, men are out in public, in the media, attending functions looking unshaven and scruffy. Worse perhaps are the sports stars, who are not only not shaving, they are growing these long, unkempt, mountain-man beards.

It has become fashionable to look like a bum, a homeless person, or the leader of an obscure religious sect.

I was particularly struck by this as I watched the local pre-football-game TV shows yesterday. Local on-air media types were sporting all forms of facial hair -- and mostly they didn't look good. In fact, some of them looked down right awful.

I guess it's a fashion trend. They come and go, and I can't wait for this one to pass. However, it's interesting to me that even the perceptions of young women have been altered. I heard a young woman say that she likes facial hair, which is quite a turn around from most of my adult life, when women generally preferred the clean-shaven look -- and feel.

This is bad for the beautification of America and the world. If the women don't complain, and commonly-available shaving gear is very expensive and uncomfortable to use, this could go on for a long time.

So let's get proactive. Mention to your unshaven buddies how much better they look after a shave. Chat up the ladies; sell the clean-shaven look. Keep planting those seeds, and maybe we can reverse the trend.

Do your part to beautify the world.

Happy shaving!

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  1. Politics are irrelevant to sex. I'd be hard pressed to justify clean-shaven beards sociologically, when it makes us resemble women in that respect. I think Ronnie Spector suggested the subconscious truth: "Be my, be my baby..."