Friday, December 5, 2014

The Holy Grail Experiment

Earlier this week I ordered a second trash-or-treasure? (ToT) razor from China. This one cost a total of $3.19 (USD) including shipping. It appears to be a Ri,Mei brand, which is what I'm hoping for, but there are no assurances. I will know within a month (when the razor arrives) whether I received an appropriate model.

The reason I'm hoping for a Ri,Mei razor is that the parts are all metal including the stamped-steel baseplate, which would allow me to adjust the shaving character of the razor.

I've ordered this second ToT razor to more thoroughly document its specs in the condition that it arrives from the factory. I did not do this with the first one that I received, having modified it before fully recording its measurables. More importantly, having already demonstrated that the shaving character can be improved for the better, with this second razor, I intend to limit my tune-up changes to directly achieve a more uniform set up when comparing one shaving edge of the razor to the other. (As you may recall, my first attempt resulted in the respective blade edges having different blade angles.)

The goal is to create, like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, the Holy Grail of razors, which is an inexpensive, close-but-comfortable shaving razor.

For now we will await delivery. When it arrives, I'll report on it suitability for modification, and we'll go from there as possible.

Happy shaving!

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