Monday, December 29, 2014

My Latest Chinese-Razor Orders

This is one of the photos on the ebay listing for the $6 Rimei
razor that I ordered a few days ago.
A few days ago, I ordered what I hope will be a higher-quality RiMei razor from China. Unfortunately, this razor appears at the current time to be only available on Amazon for a total of about $20, which is too much to pay. However, it also appears to be listed on ebay for about $6, and that's what I initially purchased.

Just yesterday, in an anonymous comment on an article in this blog, a reader advised me that this razor may be available on ebay under the brand listing of JunJie for just under $2. So I just ordered one of these as well.
This is one of the photos on the ebay listing for the $2 JunJie
razor that I ordered this morning.

Ordering products this way from Chinese sellers can be a real crap shoot; you roll the dice and hope your number comes up. Chinese sellers are notorious for advertising one thing and delivering another. This doesn't even take into account the language barrier. So I will report the results of these purchases when the items arrive in a couple of weeks.

The photos look suspiciously alike, though they are unreliable. In fact, one of the photos for the $6 Rimei razor shows a razor with a different handle. So who knows?

I was intrigued by the side view of Shawn's RiMei razor, which shows a blade angle of about 26 degrees, which is a nice, friendly shaving angle, and a blade exposure that is slightly negative -- also a friendly characteristic. When my latest razors arrive, I'll provide a similar report on each, with photos of course.

Happy shaving!

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  1. I'd estimate the odds of receiving a Rimei 2003, in box, for $2, under the name JunJie, at 1 in 5000. lol