Friday, July 4, 2014

The Travel Shaves

I've been traveling. Will be home in just a few hours. The Wilkinson Sword Classic razor (equipped with a Dorco ST-301 blade) and the Old Woodward Shave Butter have performed well.

Did I need the additional pre- and post-shave accessories that I left behind? No, but I missed them -- in part due to my tendency to rush the morning travel shaves, when I am not performing the full daily ritual, without my customary gear.

These abbreviated travel shaves lead me to be a bit careless. Using the mild Wilkinson razor also encourages less care. As a result, my two-pass shaves have had strokes too quick and too long, leaving a few weepers in their wake. They were reasonably close shaves, but marred by my haste.

Normally, with my alum block treatment after the shave, these minor flaws in my shave would be a non issue and would quickly disappear as the alum does its trick. On this trip, sans alum, there have been a few days where I had to spend a few post-shave minutes dabbing with toilet paper.

This morning, however, I took a breath, forced myself to slow down and savor the shave -- even though I was without the brush and soap that I really enjoy the most as well as being without either of my two favorite razors. Today using the limited travel gear that I had, I took a three-pass shave that was close and comfortable.

In all, the only serious problem with the travel-shaving gear was my own mind set. When I got my mind right, my shave followed in kind. Life, too, is usually like that.

Happy shaving!

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