Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frankenrazor + Personna Blue + One Pass* = Close Shave

As I suggested in yesterday's post, I put a new Personna Blue (USA made) blade into the Frankenrazor, did a one-pass, minimalist shave, and got a close, good-looking result. My one-pass technique included oblique against-grain strokes for the most part, with across-grain strokes in more sensitive, visible areas such as upper lip.
The assembled Frankenrazor, a Merkur 33C head with a heavier Chinese handle, is shown next to the factory-original handle that comes as part of the 33C. The Chinese handle is a bit heaver, so I use it even though I don't have a strong preference. This razor continues to earn its spot in my bathroom cabinet as a frequently-used shaving instrument.

The one-pass claim comes with an asterisk (*), though, because I did do some additional wetting and buffing to clean up some rough areas. The ability to do these finishing strokes without more lather comes from my shave soap formula #10A, which leaves a slick residue after shaving strokes. This residue can either be rinsed off, or lightly re-wetted; and if wetted, has enough lubricating effect to allow additional strokes and razor buffing if desired.

I admit to becoming careless when using Frankenrazor, and though it is of a moderately-mild nature, when used with oblique strokes -- especially with a new, sharp blade like the Personna Blues, it has the ability to create weepers or nicks if one isn't careful. And so it was with today's shave. I had a few spots that disappeared after a touch of styptic pencil.

Frankenrazor (left) and Gillette Slim Adjustable (right). Though both are
fine instruments, my tests have proved the Frankenrazor more to my liking.
After that and my usual cool-water rinses, my skin felt unphased by the shave. I could have called it quits at that point, but today as a capstone on my shave, I wanted to have that just-shaved scent, so I rubbed on an inexpensive Gillette after-shave balm for sensitive skin.

So the things I've learned is that the Frankenrazor stays as part of my daily razor rotation, and the vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable razor has been put back in the shaving shoe box in my closet. The Frankenrazor is, for my needs, a slightly better choice, thus rendering the Gillette not only redundant, but actually less desirable. I've also confirmed that of my large-inventory blades, Lord Platinum Class, Personna Blue, Astra SP, and Dorco ST-301, the one offering the relatively and slightly-more harsh shaves is the Lord brand.

Tomorrow I'm back to the Merkur 37C slant-bar razor to re-visit its one-pass capabilities.

Happy shaving!

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