Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Slant Razor and Minimalist Shaving

I shaved with my slant double edge this morning using a blade about ready for the recycle blade bank. I shaved mostly against grain (cross grain on my upper lip), and got a surprisingly close shave -- pretty much baby-bottom smooth (BBS) -- on my cheeks and neck, although just under my jaw line would need more attention to be BBS.

I did a one-pass shave everywhere except my chin, on which I also shaved cross grain to get completely smooth.

The shave was marred by a few minor weepers, which were handled by a few cool-water rinses and then use of the alum block on my entire face, followed by a final cool-water rinse.

As I continue to push the performance envelope with minimalist-but-close shaves, I continue to learn about the morning ritual. This leads me to continue to re-think my recommendations for those new to double-edge shaving. Sometime in the near future I will publish updated recommendations for newbies.

So today was a minimalist blog article along with the minimalist (plus alum) shave. Tomorrow it's back to the Merkur 33C razor head to again compare another minimalist shave with that instrument.

Happy shaving!

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