Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On Acquisition Disease: The Thrill of New Arrivals

The other day I was getting mail from our home's mailbox. There was a small package similar in size to a new razor or an order of razor blades. I admit that the sight of this package gave me a small sense of excitement as I briefly envisioned what might be inside.

Then I remembered that I hadn't ordered anything new, and, checking the addressee, confirmed that the package wasn't for me.

That momentary thrill of possibly receiving something new has lingered, stayed with me in the emotional background of my days. I have revisited that feeling as I have considered it from time to time. In my ruminations, I have been honest with myself and realized that I get more enjoyment out of that initial delivery and the opening of a package as though it were a surprise gift, than I get from actually having and using the product.
The year-round Santa Clause for adults?

Oh, don't get me wrong: using whatever I ordered is usually a positive thing, but it doesn't match the initial fun of the product arrival.

I believe that this a significant component of the acquisition disease with which some shaving hobbyists cope. I suspect that many of us are tempted to order new gear and supplies because, at an emotional level, we want to re-create that little thrill when our "gift" to ourselves arrives at the door or in the mailbox.

Can you relate?

Happy shaving!

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