Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A)

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States -- a national time of feasting, football (American), and occasionally, reflection on the good in our lives.

As far as feasting goes, since I'm a person who since mid September has, for health reasons, become one who consumes only plant-based whole foods, with no added fats or oils, my dining options are more limited than in past years. But rather than focusing on what I no longer eat, I will celebrate my good health, which requires no medications and allows me to be highly functional and even athletic in my chosen sport of tennis.

For more information on my vegan dietary regimen, watch the movie, "Forks over Knives," which is available on Netflix et al.

For football, we have the annual Detroit Lions' thanksgiving-day game, which will start mid day. This team, though mired in mediocrity for over 50 years, makes me thankful that their current record so far this season is seven wins against four losses, and they are still in the running to make the playoffs at season's end.

Beyond this, there is much for which to be thankful. Friends, family, health, relative prosperity. . .

I hope you can find many things for which you are thankful.

Oh, and happy shaving!

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  1. I tend to focus on the native side of the story. (I'm approximately 1/10th Native American.) In the spirit of the holiday, and in the vein of vegan-ness, let me share a natural treasure I just discovered:

    Pumpkin face balm! Freeze an entire pumpkin solid. (Happens naturally if you're lazy enough about your outdoor decoration.) This causes physical decomposition, turning the flesh into a sponge, and the fruit into a jug of juice. THE JUICE IS THE PERFECT POST-SHAVE BALM. Squeeze it through a strainer, Freeze it in cubes, then rub it on like aloe immediately after rinsing soap off. Spread excess to T-zone and decolletage (do men have "decolletages"?) then finish the beard area with a drop of shaving oil.