Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weighing In on Razor Handles

I have gone back and forth on the issue of which handle to use on my various three-piece razors.

Recently I ditched all my handles except for the very heavy, very fat Maggard MR3B handle, and kept that single handle in my bathroom cabinet along with a few, select razor heads.

After a week of using that "big boy" handle exclusively, it just didn't feel right. Also, I'm not one of those who loves a heavy razor. Frankly, I'd just as soon use a lighter razor.

So yesterday I restored the factory handles to my primary razors and how happily use those. The list of my current razors at hand in my medicine cabinet is as follows -- along with their reasons for being included there:

  • Rimei RM2003 is my go-to razor when I want a close, comfortable shave with coated blades that are comfortably-compatible with my skin. These blades include Personna (red and blue), Astra SP, SuperMax Titanium, Dorco ST-301, etc.
  • Merkur 33C Classic is my razor when using blades that might be harsh on my skin such as the Lord Platinum Class, Feather, and perhaps uncoated stainess blades if I'm forced to use one.
  • Merkur 15C open comb is still in my cabinet for those occasions when I want to shave the back of my neck or trim the hairline just above the back of my neck.
There is much complaining on the Internet about hands being "too large" for traditionally-sized razor handles. I, personally, am on the record as saying this isn't about handles too small, but rather is about incorrect grips on scalpel-sharp shaving instruments.

A razor should be held in the finger tips, not in the hand like a paint scraper.

My big complaint about handles is not their size, but their traction. I strongly dislike plated handles that are smooth or merely with gentle fluting; at best, they tend to twist in my finger tips, and at worst, they tend to get dropped. No, give me a handle with nice sharp grooves, knurling, checked patterns -- anything that gives me a secure grip when my hand might be wet and soapy -- and I'm happy.

Happy shaving!

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