Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Holy Grail Unearthed?

Early in December of last year, I posted a short article about searching for "the Holy Grail of razors, which is an inexpensive, close-but-comfortable-shaving razor."

After several trials with dirt-cheap razors from China, which focused on taking a trash razor and modifying the stamped-steel baseplate to have better shaving characteristics, I had largely abandoned my hunt for this holy-grail of razors.

It occurred to me yesterday, that I may have unwittingly found the treasure in my latest acquisition, the Rimei RM2003. With no modifications needed, this razor seems to meet my criteria -- at least on my mug it offers both a remarkably close and comfortable shave, when paired with an appropriate blade. (I haven't had the motivation, yet, to shave with one of the included blades that have come with the several Chinese razors that I've purchased.) Of course, my recent articles have included commentary on this razor, which is pictured in the following image:

My evaluation shaves with this razor continue, but it looks like this one will remain the darling of my razor inventory despite its modest cost and humble origins.

Of course, because this razor is available at such a low price, there will be many who are unable to recognize the quality of the shaves that it can deliver -- and the shaves are especially for those of us with very sensitive skin. My marketing training taught me that it's human nature for some of us to be unable to objectively evaluate quality apart from price; for some of us, low price automatically makes some folk believe that it's a second-rate (or worse) product.

Nonetheless, I still believe the Grail may have been unearthed at last. Hallelujah!

Happy shaving (and question everything -- objectively)!


  1. Can you post a link to where you bought the real Rimei RM2003 razor?

    1. Yes, and thanks for asking. The best price with free shipping and a three-week wait for delivery as it crawls over from China is at (deals extreme). This link was shared with me by another reader in a comment similar to this weeks ago. Specifically, the $3.99 (U.S.) RM2003 razor can be found at the following URL:

      Before shaving with a new razor, always do a safety inspection as described in two separate articles in this blog.

      Also, for clarification, I believe that my original trash-or-treasure razor was a real Rimei as well, but the wrong model, which was, pretty much, junk. Although it was branded Ri,Mei (with comma) instead of the current spelling, Rimei (without the comma), I have seen old photos of what looks like the RM2003 (the good one) branded as Ri,Mei as well. I suspect (just a guess) that Rimei has simplified their English-spelling brand name on their newer packaging by removing the awkward comma. Bottom line, the link above at is providing the RM2003 though they, unfortunately, don't list the model number in their ad.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Also, don't be put off by the misrepresentations in the sales ad for this razor. Specifically, they list it as being stainless steel, but its actually chrome plated. Also, some of the photos in the sales listing display a beautiful razor with spiral knurling on the handle. This is not the RM2003. (Dealing with many Internet-based sellers in China is like walking the razor's edge between truth and fiction.)

    3. What's your opinion on the other Rimei on

      The pictures look the same, and comments from DX staff members suggest that it's a newer version of the other one.

    4. Just my opinion, but I'd guess that it's the same razor but $.59 more expensive.

      On that note, as you may know, I first ordered the Rimei RM2003 and received one with a manufacturing defect. I paid about $6 for that one. I ordered that first one, not from, but rather from an ebay seller. When the ebay seller was slow to send a replacement, I just arranged for a refund. In the meantime, a reader clued me into, so I ordered the replacement razor from that source and saved myself about $2.

      Now here's the interesting part: To recap.... I ordered the two razors from two different sellers. Yet the packages in which each arrived at my mailbox were identical -- even the same return address in China! So what I think happens is that either the manufacturer is selling the razor from different Internet locations at different prices, or various Internet sellers are having the manufacturer or a wholesaler in China drop ship the product directly to customers.

      In any case, I believe that both razors on are the same product, the Rimei RM2003. BTW, last time I looked, on Amazon, you can pay as much as $20 for this same razor. I, personally, like the $3.99 price the best. ;-)

    5. I just checked Amazon again, and the price has now dropped to about US$13 including shipping.

    6. I should also add that even at $13, I think the razor is a good value.