Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quick Photos of My Just-Acquired '65 Travel Tech

Just because Jacquers from South Africa asked, here are first photos of my 1965 Gillette Travel Tech razor:

On the left is the Rimei RM2003, the modern imitation Tech, and on the right is the real thing from 1965 with its travel handle.

Here's the full-on top-cap view of the disassembled Travel Tech.

Not shown is the underside of the top cap, which is different from the earlier Tech that I received on loan from Stephen of Massachusetts. The underside of the top cap on this one merely has the threaded cap-central shaft and the four little tabs in the corners that are characteristic of Techs and the Rimei RM20003 as well. What this '65 Tech doesn't have is the load bar (a.k.a. the center bar) that many other older Techs had.

That's it for now because this was just a quickie glimpse at the razor for Jacquers' benefit.

Happy shaving!


  1. Thx, it looks very nice and in excellent condition. Seems to be the same model Tech that I have which has become one of my favorites. No center bar under the top cap and no slots in the base plate. Mine came with the light Alu handle, but I use the heavier handle from my Merkur 1904 with it - it really does make a difference. These top caps are apparently zamak, not brass like earlier models. I have another one of these that has 'bubbles' from Zamak corrosion, so these need to be taken care of a little better than the older Gillettes, but that is something I've seen in your posts that you pay attention to anyway.

    Happy shaving!

  2. Jacquers, I appreciate your mentioning that the top cap is likely cast of zamak. I hadn't given that much thought, but armed with that probability, I will be sure to take the appropriate care (though your were correct in that I probably won't deviate from my normal process of looking after my shaving instruments -- a process that is adequately obsessive).