Thursday, August 20, 2015

Windows Upgrade and Other Changes

Windows 10 Upgrade

This morning I took the plunge and upgraded my computer's operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Though filled with trepidation, and after backing up my most critical data, I did the deed and emerged surprisingly untroubled. The upgrade has seemed to require zero post-installation adjustment.

Yes, there are some minor differences between the familiar, comfortable Windows 7 and the new Windows 10, but those differences are so minor that I just kept on swimming through my normal morning routine (after the upgrade procedure) without missing a stroke.

Shave-Prep Upgrade

I tried a new wrinkle in my shave prep and I think it's another upgrade. This morning in addition to my normal cool-water splashes and rub prior to lathering, I used the following procedure:
  1. Cool water splash & rub (as usual)
  2. Wetting of the outside of the shaving brush to eliminate wispy dried soap from floating away (as usual)
  3. Another cool water splash & rub using the soap in my hand from the brush wetting (as usual)
  4. Quick face wash using generic bath soap & cool water
  5. Applied a dab of moisturizing lotion to my wet face
  6. Rubbed on soap stick (as usual)
  7. Ran a bit of tap water into the brush and face lathered (as usual)
  8. I also applied another dab of moisturizer to my wet face between passes prior to re-lathering 
Then I took a two-pass shave and which was so confidence-inspiring that I shaved as though there were no blade in the razor (which was really stupid) and, despite that, emerged with a pretty close shave but also with three little weepers and a very minor cut.

Stroke Upgrade

I followed the old-school stroke recommendation of Gillette, and did the entire shave with oblique strokes. I will continue to do this going forward.

Making oblique strokes really isn't an advanced technique. It's so easy. The trick is to decide what direction in which you'll make your stroke, then simply cant the razor a bit so that the blade edge is just off perpendicular from your stroke direction.

This doesn't really take any practice or special skill. All it takes is the discipline to keep the razor edge at the chosen angle in relation to the stroke direction.

Happy shaving!


  1. Nice to hear the update went well :) I'm still holding off as I can't have my work PC inoperable.

    I think the oblique stroke is called the 'Gillette Slide'

    haven't tried it yet, but think it will be a nice experiment. I suppose a slant razor produces the same effect to a degree?

    1. Actually, I think the moniker, Gillette slide, is a modern name given to the old technique advocated in Gillette brochures/instructions.

      Also, the old Gillette illustrations make the oblique stroke seem more complicated than is necessary. Their illustrations suggest the blade edge parallel to the floor and the stroke slightly on the diagonal. Yet it is equally effective and simpler to execute if, for example, one strokes directly downward with the edge slightly off parallel to the floor.

      I haven't reviewed my earlier article for the views expressed therein, but I much prefer the oblique stroke to the use of a slant razor. The slant razor's shaving character is complicated by varying blade angle as well as varied blade reveal and span -- at least with my Merkur 37.

      I like my Tech with oblique strokes, but I don't especially favor my Merkur 37, which is rather harsh on my skin and more likely to nip.

      And by the way, nice to hear from you again.

    2. :) I'm subscribed to the rss feed, so I come read when a new post shows up. Sometimes I wonder if we are making a huge fuss about something that should just be a normal daily routine...

      Anyway, here is a link with some Windows 10 stuff:

    3. I totally agree about the possibly-unnecessary fuss -- which is part of the reason I wrote the 8/21/15 article on considering what is a standard shave, and if it is really three passes.

      And thanks for the Win10 link. :-)

  2. I see you already had an article on it :)

  3. (/Also sprach Zarathustra/...) And then there were two!

  4. Regarding the Windows 10 upgrade, there was just a bit of fussing with system security. I have previously used both Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot Search & Destroy for anti-spyware. It turns out that Win10 comes with Windows Defender, which is automatically disabled when certain another anti-malware products are installed. Unfortunately, this includes Spybot, which I had to uninstall in order to get the primary, in-built security of Win10, Windows Defender, to function.

  5. Glad to hear that your upgrade to Windows 10 went smoothly. Backing up important files, like you did, is key. Another great tip for making the transition easier is to learn some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts before making the switch. Memorize shortcuts for actions you take often so you can keep functioning while learning the new menu layout.

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN