Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Better Way to Apply After Shave?

What's the easiest way for a product seller to sell more product? If your first thought is getting more customers, this can be difficult and expensive. However, if a product seller can manipulate existing customers to over use product? Ahhh, now maybe we're on to something.

Remember the old shampoo-use directions printed on the back of every bottle: Lather, rinse, repeat. Repeat!!! Brilliant!!! Even though that first lather and rinse may get the customer's hair clean, that repeat part causes the customer to use twice the product every time he or she washes his hair.

So how are we shown to apply after shave in all the old TV commercials? Oh yeah, right, you cup your palm, pour after shave into it, rub palms together, then rub all over shaven face.

But what's really going on here? The dispensing of lotion or balm into one's palm may dispense too much from the container; this is especially true if the seller makes the dispenser opening too large and the product is watery and alcohol based. The rubbing of the palms may cause some of the product to evaporate before it ever reaches one's face. All in all, a brilliant strategy to get customers to waste product and thus increase sales.

A better after-shave-application strategy for runny lotions is to put a finger or two directly over the container opening. Then invert the container so that some lotion is transferred to the finger(s). Then apply those fingers directly to a section of the just shaved face. Repeat this process until the entire area has been treated with the lotion.

For thicker gels and balms, a different though similar approach is to apply a smaller-than-usual amount of product to your supinated palm (that is, your upturned palm). With a finger or two of the opposite hand, dab the tips in the balm and apply the product to a section of one's face with the finger tips. Repeat this finger-tip-application process until one's entire face has been treated with the balm.

If you try this process, you'll likely save a bit of hard-earned dough by making your inventories go further, last longer.

Happy shaving!


  1. May I suggest, an empty Chloraseptic bottle (drawback -- smells like Chloraseptic), or similar pump spray?

    If you just want the aftershave to push water into you, and add some refreshing chemicals, I guess fingertips make sense. I'd only be able to do that in conjunction with alum, though, to rinse the soap residues off prior.

    Below a certain price point (Florida Water seems to define the limit of my extravagance, at right about $5) I'll pour it like champagne, usually diluted with water in a cloth.

    1. SOLD! Implementing the plan in my second paragraph, finger-dabbing emphasizes the alum, but makes it less tight. Water beads up on this post-shave, so I'd say my skin is pretty well sealed.

      When I went looking for a spray bottle online, I noticed they sell refillable roll-on bottles, too. That would seem to be the actual direct application equivalent to fingertips.

  2. You take all the fun out of being a teenage boy where application is measured in "drenches!" In all seriousness one thing a father should do is teach his son how to properly apply aftershave and colognes. After all, you don't go fishing using a whale as bait! :-)