Saturday, May 7, 2016

Merkur Open Comb & SuperMax T Update

My second shave with the current SuperMax-Titanium (SMT) blade was very similar to its first shave of yesterday. This despite being transferred from the Merkur 33C Classic razor of yesterday to the Merkur 15C open-comb razor of this morning's shave.

In fact, yesterday's shave may have been just the slightest bit closer -- even though I tried my best to using my normal routine to get a close, comfortable shave.

Today's shave was as comfortable and safe as this blade's maiden outing, but on the planes of my cheeks, was not quite as stubble free when rubbed against grain with my hand.

So as I suggested yesterday, the third use of this SMT blade will be in my c.1948 gold-toned Gillette Tech. Stay tuned.

Happy shaving!

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