Monday, July 13, 2015

Derby Extra Day Two

Ugh. With this blade in the Rimei RM2003 razor head, I took a two-pass shave (WG, AG) that was irritated after the first pass. The second was worse.

Once again not giving in to the temptation to recycle the blade and use a brand that I like, instead I put the blade into my Weishi 9306 one-piece razor for tomorrow's shave.

Hoping for the best.  Happy shaving!


  1. I tried Derby blades ages ago when I bought a sampler pack. I was new to DE shaving and had heard from some people it was a good blade. Nope, I might have finished the pack but I know better now, if I can't get a good decent shave with the new blade I tend to just forgo any others. Why hack up my face.

  2. I had the same experience with Derby blades, the blades were too uncomfortable and irritating. I tried hand stropping a new blade twice on each edge and this made the Derby blades fine for me. Corking one pass lightly on each side with Styrofoam has a similar effect.