Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Sunny Sunday Shave

It's sunny and hot in metro Detroit. So in a little while I'm likely to apply some sun screen to my face and neck and play some tennis.

This impacts my morning shave because I find the chemicals in sun screen to be irritating. Applied to wounded or irritated skin anywhere on me, the sun screen tends to create a burning sensation along with angry red splotches. So on mornings when I might be using sunscreen on shaved skin, I take a single, with-grain pass to minimize sun-screen problems later.

Today's single-pass shave was with a fresh Rapira Platinum Lux blade, and though I can't draw much of a conclusion from a single pass, it was essentially zero irritation, which I can't say about my first pass a week ago with that *&^%$#@ Derby Extra blade. Today's was a good looking shave, but not rewarding when rubbed with my hand.

In earlier reviews, I have liked the Rapira blade, though I thought it might be overly sharp for my needs. Since my razor preferences have shifted to slightly more aggressive razor heads -- though still fairly mild -- perhaps my affinity for this blade will have gotten even more positive, which would push it to the top shelf in my blade preferences.

We'll see. More to come. Happy shaving!

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