Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Final Thoughts on the Standard Shave

I don't recommend that everyone take a standard shave (one pass). It's just that I suspect that most of the world's wet shavers do exactly that. I also believe that, historically, most wet shavers took a single pass.

I don't believe that a standard shave stroke direction is necessarily with grain. I just believe that's how most do it -- especially those using multi-bladed cartridge-type razors, which are otherwise prone to encourage in-grown hairs.

I, myself, prefer a two-pass shave. This, for me, is an near ideal compromise between closeness and comfort. A standard (one-pass) shave gets me smooth enough to look acceptable for most of the work day, but not smooth enough to feel rewarding, and not near smooth enough to be at the level of closeness that got me hooked on DE shaving in the first place.

I can do a two-pass shave every day without irritation or wounds. I cannot do a three-pass shave every day without generating increasing skin irritation over time.

I suggested the concept of a standard (one-pass) shave to rebel against the idea that a proper wet shave is three passes (with grain, across, grain, and against grain).

I think a proper wet shave is defined by each person himself. If a standard shave is the preference, then so be it: one and done. If one has sensitive skin but prefers a close shave, then two passes may be the norm for that guy. If one loves uber-close shaves -- near baby smooth everywhere (and who doesn't?) -- and has skin that will tolerate such shaving obsession, then the three-pass shave will be the go-to process in those cases.

There are no rules, only guidelines and preferences.

Happy shaving -- according to your whim!

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