Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hump Day Stats and Comments

Key Stats This Morning:
  • Number of passes in today's shave: 2 (WG, AG -- I now routinely skip the XG pass)
  • Number of razors used in today's shave: 2 (Slim Adjustable, Weishi 9306-F)
  • Setting on the Slim for 1st pass: 4 (up from 3 in previous shaves)
  • Number of shaves on today's blade: 17 (seventeen shaves, still going strong!!!!)
  • Amount of irritation in today's shave: zero
  • Number of wounds in today's shave: 1 small under-chin weeper after 1st pass (no treatment needed)
The two-pass shave process, with grain then against grain -- using different razors for each pass, continues to be two-rriffic. Using my Gillette Slim Adjustable for just the first, with-grain pass has transformed that from a shoe-box closet lurker to a daily shaver. In so doing, I have rediscovered the possibilities of the one-pass standard shave.

Using the Slim -- today set on four (out of nine) -- I got a good standard shave (that is, one with-grain pass) that could have stood pat as a one and done. The techniques I now routinely use to optimize my passes (both first and second) include the following:
The Weishi 9306-F razor, which was another in-the-closet, dust-collecting, potential paper weight due to its extremely mild shaving character, has become a prized finishing razor. The 9306 (and its other-branded twins -- which for sure includes the Dorco razor) allows the second pass to be against grain with little risk of injury but still shaves close enough as a finishing razor to get near baby smooth.

The other issue that is worthy of repeated commentary is the longevity of my blade. The post-shave palm stropping using a thin swipe of shave oil applied to my palm as a blade lubricant and sealant is taking me into blade-durability realms where I've never gone before.

I am enjoying both the process and the outcome of my shaves as never before. I hope you are too.

Happy shaving!


  1. Thanks for sharing, it's fun to hear different technique's and ideas. My 1965 Travel Tech with the Atlas shaved very nicely today, two passes very much the same as my 40's Gold Tech as you had pointed out. Might stick with it for a bit as it's very forgiving and gives a DFS shave easily.

  2. The Palm stroking with the pre shave oil has proven to be a good idea. I've been doing it for the last few days and it has increased the smoothness of the blade I've been using a Voskhod and I'm on the sixth shave and it doesn't seem to want to quit. Thanks for the idea!

    1. How many shaves would you normally get from a blade without stropping?

  3. The best I've had has been with the Personna Reds. With those I have gotten 7 to 8 days without stropping. Gillette Silver Blues about 5 days. The Voskhod was the first I strolled with oil on the palm. It lost its sharp feeling but I continued to provide a good sharp and close shave. It seems the blades on the lower cost end give up after about 4 shaves. Those being Lord platinum, Astra platinum, bid platinum, Treet platinum, etc. the Dorco 301 were discarded after the first shave. I knew I was in trouble with them when I saw ripples from the grinding on the blade edge as I peered across the edge with the light. This blade was made in viet nam. The majority of these blades were used in the Merkur 23C.

    I plan on making the rounds again through my blades with oiled Palm stropping. I feel confident I will see an improvement on these blades!

    1. My large-inventory blade supply includes some the same as yours: in addition to the Personna reds, there's Astra SP, Dorco ST-301, and Lord Platinum Class. I also have SuperMax Titanium and Personna Super (so-called lab blue). Apparently it's going to take some time, but I'll be tracking and reporting on the durability of these blades and others that remain from sample packs.