Thursday, March 5, 2015

Feather Blade Featured in Saturday's Weekly Shave Review

I'm the guy who put in print that I likely wouldn't use a Feather blade. My point at that time was that one doesn't have to use trial-and-error methodology to narrow down the range of appropriate DE gear and to eliminate obvious options that would be a poor match to one's face and beard.

But in a shocking and scandalous about face, I'm shaving this entire week with a Feather blade!

Does a Feather blade mean blood shed for me? Tune in Saturday....

George Herbert Leigh Mallory, famed
mountaineer, lost on Everest in 1924, 
found in 1999, where he had come
to rest on a high slope after a fall.
So why am I actually using a Feather blade when I earlier thought, no, never? Well, much like the legendary and likely apocryphal answer that Mallory gave in the early 1920s, when asked why he climbed Mt. Everest:

"Because it's there."

(Unfortunately for Mr. Mallory, he perished on the mountain in 1924. I hope the same fate, metaphorically speaking, doesn't await me.)

You see, I already had a five pack of Feather blades in my inventory before the light bulb went on over my head, when I realized that DE shavers don't have to try everything -- you can also, like a Sherlock Holmes of shaving, use ratiocination:  you know, logic and inference (skills unavailable to a certain percentage of the population ;-). So I figured out that I don't need to try Feather blades after I already owned a pack.

So the Feathers are here, I'm here, my razors are here -- so what the heck!

So with some reasonable trepidation, I began the week with a fresh Feather blade in my mild-shaving Merkur 33, and with that courageous action (courage is acting in spite of one's fear), stepped off the ledge of my initial comfort zone.

I'm not doing a review today; I'll save that for Saturday, but tune in, turn on, get the scoop.

Hope to see you then.

Happy shaving!

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