Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Revising My Razor-Head-Design Terminology

Rather than going back and trying to edit every article I've written on the subject, going forward I will be using the terminology as described in the following (excellent) image that I've borrowed from the following web site:

The (top quality) image follows:

So in my blog articles that precede this one in time, when I refer to blade gap, I should have written blade-guard (or blade-bar) span. Going forward, I will mostly be referring to blade span, and ignoring blade gap as shown above because, though gap (A) and span (B) are proportional and therefore related, the gap (B) dimension fades in importance to understanding shave character when compared to blade span (A), which is much more important.

The good news is that gap (A) is much easier to accurately measure than span (B).  The bad news is that knowing the gap (A) measurement doesn't give one much practical information about shave character of the razor head.

Happy measuring!

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