Monday, March 23, 2015

Why Does the Rimei RM2003 Shave So Well?

What I consider to be one of the best bargain-basement razors available is the Rimei RM2003 razor. It isn't the best because of its quality, which is spotty. However, when I'm on my game, it gives me one of the best shaves, on average, of any razor in stable of a dozen or so.

The Rimei RM2003.
Now, I get it, this is a pretty mild razor, when compared to some razors that could be featured in a Halloween-fright movie, wielded by a psycho in a hockey-goalie mask. But for those who shave daily and have sensitive or otherwise easily-threatened dermis, the RM2003 can be not only a face-friendly choice of instrument, it can give a wonderfully close shave while also being super wallet-friendly as well.

There are other mild razors out there. The two that I reference most often are the Merkur 33 Classic (not to be mistaken for its more aggressive cousin, the 34HD) and the Lord LP1822L (which has the L.6 head). These razor heads, the 33 and the L.6 shave similarly because their big three design characteristics -- blade exposure, span, and angle -- are somewhat similar. Both have about a 30-degree blade angle. Both have a fairly negative blade exposure. Where they differ slightly is in blade-bar span -- the L.6 having the larger span and thus being slightly less mild than the 33.

When one compares these two razors to the RM2003, it appears (because quantitative measurement is very difficult) that the RM2003 compares as follows:
  • Blade angle is slightly smaller (this can be measured pretty accurately)
  • Blade exposure is not as negative (on my RM2003, the exposure is actually slightly positive)
  • Blade-bar span appears greater than the 33, less than the L.6
The smaller blade angle will contribute to a less-scraping cut, which therefore contributes toward a less-irritating shave, but when combined with a relatively-positive blade exposure, than means a closer shave due to the exposure, but less irritating due to the angle.

The blade span being only moderate, when combined with a relatively-positive blade exposure makes for a closer shave with only a relatively moderate tendency to nip.

So for guys with a mug that doesn't respond well to moderately-aggressive to down-right lock-up-the-women-and-children-aggressive razors, the Rimei RM2003 may have the premium design specs for a close and comfortable shave for the fragile faced. On top of that, it's the least expensive of any DE razor that one expects to actually use regularly.

Happy shaving!

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