Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Things I'd Like to Do Regarding DE Shaving

I started this blog to discuss and celebrate the things I liked about DE shaving. But in the process of keeping it going for over a year now, my ambition has broadened a bit.

However, on some days, when I'm tired, instead of discussing and celebrating, I'd like to just enjoy my morning shave without the looming question of what will I write today?

On more ambitious days, I would like to be a serious agent of change. Some of the things I'd like to change include the following:

  • I'd like to raise the general design and engineering awareness of DE razors to elevate it well beyond the all-too-common discussion of razor weight and balance.
  • I'd like all razor sellers to provide a side-view close-up down-the-edge photo of the razor head with blade installed so that every buyer can get an idea of the blade exposure, blade-bar span, and blade angle.
  • I'd also like to see all manufacturers provide, at minimum, precise dimensions on those same three design aspects.
  • I'd like to help all DE-product shoppers and buyers have an easier time selecting the right equipment for their beard and skin without having to do extensive sampling, extensive trial-and-error evaluations.
  • I'd like to find a way to have a standardized rating of DE blades for sharpness and comfort, which would help to cut down on trial-and-error evaluations of blades.
I'd like to design and manufacture a custom DE razor that is more adjustable than current designs. This would include making the exposure, angle, and span independent variables; that is, each independently adjustable. (Currently, all the designs that I know of allow adjustment of the span, and as a result of that, the exposure and angle adjust in a fixed way accordingly.)

I'd like to offer two versions of Grandad's Shave Soap for Sensitive Skin -- the original unscented formulation and a second version with a pleasant, manly fragrance.

I'd like to design and make the ultimate DE razor rack.

For now, however, after accomplishing my second point of this article (which is to have written it), I'd like to accomplish my first point, which is to enjoy this mornings shave process and outcome.

Happy shaving!

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